Writing Your Best Wedding Photographer a Thank You Letter

    Your wedding could probably be a long day. It could have been the longest day of smiling, dancing, laughing, chatting, walking, and so much more. There are lots of things that happen during the wedding event and sometimes you don’t even notice those little things like who did left already, where your best friend is sitting, did your parents eat already, or even your hunger. Just like how we forgot about our best wedding photographer you might not know that he left already and you have not had the chance to thank him yet. On the other hand, you can still thank your photographer in another way. You can write him a letter. But if you don’t know how to write a thank you letter for him, here are the basic guidelines for you.

•    Sender’s info. This includes your name, address, or e-mail address if you are going to send him through e-mail. It is more preferable if you will choose to write him a letter that is handwritten by you so that your effort will be added as a proof of your appreciation.

•    Greetings. It can be not so formal since that it is for your photographer and a personal message so any greetings will do depends on how you feel to start your message for him. If you feel that you want to say hello then you can use it.

•    Body. This is the most important part of your letter where you will state your appreciation on his work. But first, tell to him about your purpose on writing a letter for him in order for you to be not misinterpreted by the photographer. Then, state to him how thankful you are having him as your best wedding photographer and tell him how much you appreciate his work and service.

•    Restate. Just before you start you start the closing or ending words, ell him again how thankful you are by writing again one sentence containing the words “thank you” and then proceed to the next step.

•    Closing. This is the way of ending the letter by the word “sincerely’ or “yours truly” or you can simply say “bye” since that you don’t have to be too formal about it.

Remember that our appreciation is somehow important to our wedding photographers. This can give them the great feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction that they have done their work well. It is not important that you will give gifts or not as long that you have shown your sincerity in your letter thanking them. But if you really insist of giving gifts to your best wedding photographer, a simple gift will do.