Why You Should Develop The Habit of Reading Blogs

Website designing is a field which relies equally on technology and aesthetics. The world of technology has always been subject to rapid changes, new emergences and radical concepts. As a designer you owe it to your profession to stay abreast of the latest changes in the arena of web designing.

You can get information about latest technical developments in the top technology journals and leading blogs set up by web designing experts. If you devote 20 minutes daily to study the content of the top 3 web designing blogs, you will ensure that you are never out of touch.

Study the work of leading designers

Blogs are utilised by many of the best web designers in the industry to showcase their latest or best work. You can find screen shots of websites, tips about improving aesthetics and functional advice on these blogs. Being exposed to the work of leading web designers will allow you to compare your own skills and see where you really stand in retrospect.

Website Structures

HTML was the original choice for website designing in terms of creating decent page layouts. However CSS has taken over the industry now as it is faster, more convenient and reliable. So why stick to outdated technology? Update your skills and plan your website page layouts with CSS.

Don’t develop a complicated navigation model

Users will stick to your website only if it’s easy to use and understand. Poor/complicated navigation model will only confuse the users and force them to navigate away. Website designer makes a site simple, comprehensible and easily navigable.