Why Windows Should Have Window Treatments

Is it okay for windows not to have any kind of coverings? Do you think that your place will still look good and at the same time functional if that is the case? Well, in this time and age, we can say that it is already possible because there is now tinted glass. However, if you are still using blades and even if they are tinted, I don’t think that they go well without any coverings. It will be like your place is a showcase where anyone can see. Well, you can always close them but they won’t look good still like the windows are quite bare. In fact, you will hardly see windows these days without some sort of coverings. Always they are covered with a kind of window treatment especially that aside from the usual curtains, there are now some other types like shutters and blinds.


If you are to choose though, what type of window treatment will you choose? You might go for curtains being they are probably what you are used to. It is not bad of course especially that there are now trendy curtains and they too, just like the other products these days, evolved for the better. However, it is also not bad to try other types like shutters for example. Have you seen a window shutter? If you have, for sure you will be enticed to use them. But first, check out below why window treatments are quite important:

– They add aesthetics. Yes, you might not be interested with their functions as your blades are tinted anyway or maybe you used frosted glass for that matter thus you can still invade the prying eyes of the passersby, but then again, it will be awkward if your windows are bare. Adding window treatments should do the trick and can instantly enhance the look of the entire room. In fact, it is even said that the windows can be used as the focal point given the right choice of window treatments.

– It will be quite a bore if you are always closing your windows though like you are afraid of fresh air. Besides, it will be unhealthy as well since the air can’t circulate properly. Do you know that it is said that the indoor air is 5 times polluted compared to the outdoor air? Thus it will be detrimental for your kids and even for you to always close your windows. You can leave them open though if you will use window treatments like shutters for example. That right, with the shutters attached to your widows, you can just leave them open and then adjust the louvers of the shutters depending on your preferences. You can either totally close them or you can just tilt them.

The good thing with window shutters is they will become permanent fixtures of the window thus they are cheaper options actually. Unlike with curtains here you need to have at least two sets.