Why Pest Inspections is Important

Pest inspections are not very expensive when you consider the amount of expenses you would save on future repairs and the peace of mind you get on the real estate property you will purchase. You should consider the mortgage payments you would be making on the property and visualise the additional expense and bother of having the pest removal done after you have moved in.

What you need to do

It generally takes a day or two to get Pest Inspections Southern Highlands organized. Ask your real estate agents about pest inspections. They will refer you t a building inspector who can arrange the pest inspection for you. Many building inspectors include pest inspections in their report.

The Report

A pest inspection report would typically include:

•    Damage to wood work which may be due to pests
•    Any areas where fungal decay is apparent
•    Areas which were difficult or impossible to inspect
•    Any evidence of past problems or treatments

Decision is Yours

Once you have your pest inspection report from a credible Building Inspection company, you can take a call on the purchase of the property. If no pest infestation is detected, which is very rare, then all is well and good and you can go ahead with the purchase.

If you have a report which shows minor infestation and if the construction of the new home is relatively new, you can consider the cost of the property and add to it the cost of having a pest treatment done before you move in.

If the pest inspector reports sever pest problems, you can let go of the property and look elsewhere. You could also use the pest inspection report to negotiate the price of the property.

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