Why Online Business Coaching Fails?

I do not doubt that coaches add immense value. Business coaches, behavioral coaches and life coaches have a proven track record. Also, there is no doubt that there are a few success stories out there about how online business coaching turned around a failing business. But in case of the latter most coaching encounters end in failure. The most prominent reasons for this failure are listed here.

You work hard to find a well-known coach and pay up for the program billed with his face. But the person who ends up conducting coaching seasons with you is a greenhorn employee. This employee may be very well versed with Internet processes, but will have almost no knowledge of the domain you are working in.

More tellingly, the coach is not invested in your success. He gets paid by the hour, what matters for him is how many sessions can he gets through in a single day. Therefore, he has little time for you and your individual problems. Equally, if your business is not turning around quick he is not interested in you. An online business coaching team is interested in that lucky guy who made some money within 30 days. It is his testimonial that would be showcased and presented as an example at various conferences.

Another reason for failure is that you wouldn’t know how to implement what the coach tells you. This is because the techniques are worded as vaguely as possible. No coach wants to be legally liable for the actions you take. She wouldn’t ask you to change your caption to something particular, instead she will tell you to make it more captivating. As a layperson trying to jumpstart your website, you may have no clue how to interpret what is being said.

A week into the program, you realize that you are not able to turn things around even with paid online business coaching. You get intimidated and stop reaching out for more coaching. You let some time pass to feel better. By the time you realize that what you need is more coaching, not less the coach is already occupied with another batch.

A better solution would be to find a mentor. This could be a friend who has run a successful online business and is willing to talk you through the ideas he worked with. This could also be someone you know through social network and is willing to talk to you over a mug of coffee. A mentor, of course, could also be a professional you hire to work exclusively with you over a period of time.