Why it Helps to Hire Patent Lawyers for Problems Related to Patent Rights

Patent Lawyers

The basic idea of patenting a product is to safeguard the inventor against dishonest entities who might try to take all financial credit for it instead of the actual inventor. So if you have invented something which you feel has huge financial potential, it is always advisable to patent it from usurpers and unscrupulous business owners. Otherwise you will see others enjoy the fruits of your labour while you end up with no reward for all your hard work. Consult the Patent Trademark attorney to help you.

Patent Rules in Australia

The Australia Patents Act of 1990 (and subsequent amendment act of 2012) stipulates certain rules and regulations that must be adhered to while applying for patents. The Act clearly outlines the ambit of the patent application as including only a technology, a composition or a process for creating something new and not just providing an innovative solution to a pre-existing problem. The innovation must also be commercially feasible.

You cannot apply for patents on creative works, an idea, designs, symbols, photos, sounds etc as these fall under the copyright category. IP (Intellectual Property) Australia issues patents through its office at Canberra.

How can Patents Attorneys Help you

Self-drafting your patent application is fraught with risks and uncertainties. Since a patent is a legal recognition of your ownership and is applicable anywhere across the globe, all applications undergo thorough checking at the IP Australia office before being accepted. Any mistake can seriously jeopardize your chances and push back the process further.

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