Why Install Security Screens at Home?

Security screens on doors and windows act as a second layer of protection both against human invasion and pest entry. The screens are made from tough steel or aluminium so that they can resist heavy force and attacks with knives or jemmying. Apart from preventing the entry of burglars, security screens also protect your home against the entry of flies and pests. This means you can really keep open your doors and windows any time of the day or night without the risk of pest infestation.

This is certainly a huge relief as keeping doors and windows shut throughout the day makes your rooms unhealthy and claustrophobic. Let the natural air and light flow through your rooms and make them more beautiful and habitable by installing security doors Perth.

Selecting Security Screens for Doors and Windows

A security screen door over your main entrance or the windows is essentially a protection against burglars. Hence, selecting the right screen is absolutely essential if you want the kind of security and peace of mind you had hoped for while installing them.

Check for Material

The best quality security screen doors in Brisbane are made from structural grade stainless steel that has high performance record under the harshest of test conditions. Structural stainless steel is more resistant to corrosion which means your screens stay in good condition for years with little maintenance. Also, check thickness of the mesh embedded in the screens and opt for brands that provide at least 0.9mm thickness (and not 0.8mm thickness). A thicker mesh has stronger wires which mean more protection for your home.

Some top-notch brands also provide additional treatment and powder coating over the surface to make the screens completely rust-proof. Provided you care for your security screens as instructed by the manufacturers, you may not need to replace them for decades.

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