Why Do Land Owners Insist On Exit Cleaning?

It is a norm to include exit cleaning as one of the must-do so that the tenants are given back the full deposit amount. The landlords have all the rights to dictate some terms like this because it’s ultimately their house. Tenants leave after the lease period and are supposed to follow all these rules and regulations to exit peacefully. The only way the tenant would have is to keep it clean till the end or get it cleaned from bond cleaners. Here are some of the specific reasons why exit cleaning becomes necessary.

Leave it the way it was given to you

It is fair for the land owners to ask their tenants to leave the house after the lease period with the same level of cleanliness as they had entered the house. The landlords cannot enforce cleanliness daily and neither can they keep a check on it. This condition would instill a sense of responsibility in tenants to keep the house clean. It would help them when they plan to leave. If you dirty the house to an extent that it cannot be cleaned even by bond cleaners, you would lose quite a high amount of the deposit. Instead of such a huge loss, you would rather be a little careful about cleanliness.

Make way to the new entrants

Once you leave the house, there would be new tenants entering. The landlords would not like to do some additional work every time a new tenant enters like hiring bond cleaners to clean the house. This is one of the reasons to get the house thoroughly cleaned by the tenants who leave so that it can be given to the new tenants straight away. Also, when the new tenants visit the house during their selection process, the house should look clean. The cleanliness would be in their requirement list. So some landlords ask the tenants to clean the house a little earlier.

Holding back the bond

One of the clauses in the house lease or rental agreement would state the tenants are supposed to get the house cleaned failing which a certain amount of deposit amount will not be returned. Often this amount will be equal to the cost of getting the house cleaned by bond cleaners. They insist that the house should be as good as it was when the tenant entered. The judgement of the cleanliness lies with the land owners. It is always better to hire Noosa bond cleaners who know what the landlords usually look for. They guarantee the return of deposit.

Exit cleaning has always been one of the definite clauses in the house rental or lease agreement for good reasons. It is beneficial for both landlords and tenants.