Where is Large Format Printing Used?

There is a misconception that large format printing is used only for making huge banners for advertisement purposes. The uses of large format printing are plenty. You just have to know where and how to make use of it effectively.

Educational Institutions

If you are thinking schools and colleges do not feel the need to use large format printing, you are absolutely wrong. Educational institutions have begun to use it more effectively than they used to until a few years earlier.

They use it whenever they have to make a big announcement, say a fun fair in the campus, annual day, if their cricket team has won state championship or any other big function. Such occasions call for big banners, teardrop flags and signs. And large format printing comes in handy. Sometimes, teachers and professors also make use of it when they have to make a visual presentation, especially when they don’t have access to LED projectors.


There was a time when artists didn’t use electronic machines to create their masterpieces. But now, computers have become an inevitable part of their lives. Although they use computers to create their art, they resort to digital large format printing when they want to exhibit their creation to the world.

With the advancement of technology, it is now easy to print on different kinds of medium. A picture might have been created using a computer, but its huge size you see on a huge canvas is the result of Large Format Printing Sydney.