When is the Right Time to Distribute Promotional Products

Promotional products are good investment, and is a proven effective marketing tool to promote a company. Timely selection and proper distribution of relatively inexpensive promotional items can work wonders. Here are some tips to work out the process of distribution of promotional items.

Distribute before important events

Christmas, thanksgiving, New Year are just some of those special events when people go on a buying spree. Target the distribution of your promotional products just 2-3 weeks before these events come up. This way receivers of these gifts will form a connection in their mind between your product/ service offering and the festive season. If you do it persistently you are sure to notice a proportional increase in sales. This is all the more relevant of the product or service you are selling as it has a special demand during the festive season. Check promotional gifts here.

Identify important personal occasions

The key thing to remember in sales is “every customer likes to feel special” If you can distribute promotional products to your customers on important personal events like birthdays, anniversaries etc they will feel special and will most probably become your customers for life. Identify core groups of your customers and keep track of the special events in their life. Send out personalised promotional product like key chain with their names inscribed on them or pens with a special message and see the magic it creates. The effort which you put in doing this research will totally pay off at the end.