What’s in a Bag of a Wedding Photographer?

Are you getting married soon? Then you need to look for a wedding photographer that matches your style. Photography is an art and it cannot be avoided if the photographer becomes subjective when it comes to taking photos. Thus, it is best if you start scouting for a wedding photographer at least six months before your altar date so you can decide very well.

Types of wedding photography

1) Traditional wedding photography- this is ideal for couples who are not conscious when it comes to posing in front of the camera amidst all their guests. The photographer is like a director who will dictate to the couple how to pose, how to emphasize their best angles, among others. This can also be done in a studio or in an outdoor area prior to your altar date.

2) Photojournalism wedding photography- this is the exact opposite of the traditional wedding photography. This is spontaneous and the wedding photographer will not ask the couple to pose but rather he would follow the couple and take shots that he thinks are worth capturing in print.

3) Other types are the fine art and the trash the dress wedding photography which are perfect for those searching for an out-of-the-box wedding photography.

Camera equipments

If you ever wonder why a wedding photographer has more than one bag with him, then listed below are the camera accessories that can be found inside the bag of a photographer. All of these accessories are essential to be able to capture all those special moments on your altar date.

1) Zoom lenses- the only way for a wedding photographer to capture very intimate shots like the exchange of wedding vows is through the use of a zoom lens. Places of worship normally does not allow photographer to come near the couple.

2) Wide angle zoom lens- this is uses in small spaces like the hotel room or it can create an illusion of space. This type of lens also allows the wedding photographer to include in the field without having to move backwards in a very limited space.

3) Tele-photo zoom lens- this is for wide areas such as garden or beach weddings where the beautiful background can be included in the field.

4) Flashes- not all areas have the same amount of light. For some, there is a need to use flashes in order to add more light to the wedding pictures.

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