What You Need To Do When Organizing a Casino Night Fundraiser

Organizing a casino party for the purpose of fund raising for a social cause should need a careful planning. You need to set your goals on how much money you are targeting, food for the party, casino games and others.

Decide on the drinks and food

Most people judge the standard of a party by the quality of food they consume. Your fundraiser is going to be no different. This is a tricky area as you do not want guests to be disappointed with your offerings and yet cannot afford to keep expensive entrees.

The casino table hire guys can really be of help here. A good casino rental company should have hosted scores of fundraisers before and they will suggest the names of some inexpensive yet delicious dishes that can be served.

Focus on the agenda

Make a list of all the major events in your fundraising party. Are you going to have an auction? Is it going to be a silent auction? Who is going to manage the auction? You have to get the answers sorted out fast if you want no glitches on the d- day.

Aim to have a captive audience focusing on the auction for at least three quarter of an hour and you are sure to come up with good results. Exclusivity is the key here so keep no more than 7 high ticket items.

Stay within your budget

Even if you decide to take the help of blackjack table hire,  you still have to keep a sharp eye on the expenses. Your major expense items are likely to be rented equipment, party props, croupiers and hired dealers, food and drink. You also have to plan for insurance and security deposits.

A good plan is to ask a corporate to provide sponsorship for facilities by stressing the cause of your fundraiser. Make sure you stick tight to your budget.