What to know about Core Hole Drilling

Drilling holes in concrete can be a little tricky, can be a little intimidating yet is a will be a very handy technique and useful skill to acquire. Either you just want to learn and acquire this skill of Core Hole Drilling for whatever purpose it may serve you or use it for future job; it surely is one of the better skill set to have in the construction industry.

The concrete core hole drilling contractor involves knowing a lot of things and techniques, reason most inexperienced core drillers get intimidated, the number of things that needs to be understood in terms of their function, the factors that may possibly occur during the procedure, and the actual situation that they may get into.

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© dir.indiamart.com

Knowing how the core drill work, so does the other core parts like the core drill bit, the water hose, the anchor and the electric cords and wrenches, so many things needs to be understood, making the thought of simple drilling difficult. But it really is difficult; it is not an easy trade to be into as these core drillers are highly experienced and skilled professionals.

Water, Anchor, Speed and Power; these are four things you need to monitor when it comes to Core Hole Drilling.

Water is crucial in Core Hole Drilling with a wet core bit; misconception is that the more water used the better drilling result you will get. It surely is not the case for core drilling because diamonds primarily work on grinding thru the concrete and water plays a big role to make that slurry mix made of concrete dust and debris. The said slurry effect helps cool the bit and plays a big role I keeping the diamonds in the bit exposed thru the entire grinding or drilling procedure. Too much water washes away the concrete dust thus will not help keep the diamonds exposed, less water on the other hand will just grind thru the same particles.

Anchoring the rigger is as essential to ensure a perfect core drill, straight Core Hole Drilling thru the entire procedure, thus choosing the right anchor attachment is crucial.

Speed greatly affects the Core Hole Drilling process, choosing the right speed will either grind thru the concrete or just glaze the diamond in the bit attachment.

Choosing the right power will help you work and get the right core hole in Core Hole Drilling. Exceeding the power rating will result to damaging the motor or the internal components of the drill.