What To Avoid When Storing Foods

Often when you want to deep freeze a vegetable or meat item, you may forget to reduce the fridges temperature. Therefore, the process of freezing takes a longer time. In some cases, if hte temperature is not set right immediately, then it will spoil the food. If you are setting a pudding and if it is not in a correct temperature, it may not set at the right time. In addition, you will not be able to serve it to your customers on time.

Some food items just need to store in a cool and dry place. As a result, commercial refrigerator is a wise choice.

Cleaning the refrigerator

One of the reasons that the food items stored can easily get spoilt is because the fridge is not clean. You will notice germs, foul smell and debris of leftover food in the fridge that needs to be cleaned every two days. Otherwise, after a point, any item stored will either catch the stench of the refrigerator or become contaminated. Even when you cook the food, it may still smell foul. So, you have to clean the fridge regularly, so that it can handle excessive storage.

Letting air escape

Now, another big mistake that people often make is they forget to close the fridge. If you are in a hurry, you may not close the fridge properly. All the cool air will escape and the stored items will start perspiring as it melts. If you leave the door open for a long period, the food may become stale or not cool properly.

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