What the Photo Booth Hire Offers

If it is time to party, consider photo booth hire and your party will never be the same again. Let your guests be amused having their pictures taken while wearing some outrageous costumes and accessories. Unique vintage photo booth rental services available throughout for any party occasion adds life to any party. So try it and you will never experience a party that is as alive and joyous as the one that has photo booth hire. Listed below are the features of photo booth that makes it a tool for a livelier and outrageous party:

photo booth hire
  • The photo booth has a touch screen feature. It is very easy to operate and even those who are technologically-challenged will not have a rough time figuring out how to use the photo booth. The interface is so user friendly that even the senior citizens can easily use it.
  • The photo booth hire is equipped with a high definition camera. The photos are very clear that you would not think that these are from a photo booth. In addition, option such as colored or black and white is available.
  • The photo booth hire has an HD video messaging feature. Apart from having their pictures captured on the photo booth, they can also record a short video complete with voice feature for a great memorabilia. What is said inside the photo booth cannot be heard outside so privacy is not an issue.
  • You can add some wall papers of your choice. Say, you want a carousel as a background, you can just give the photo booth attendant the photo of the carousel and this can be added on the final print as an effect. In fact, you can supply the photo booth attendant with many wall papers of your choice and these can be added on the choices of wall papers that are displayed on the touch screen panel of the photo booth hire.
  • The number of prints that are developed from the photo booth is unlimited. Guests can just have as many pictures as they like wearing different costumes and accessories that come with the photo booth.
  • The wind machine is another feature of the photo booth hire. This is a great effect so for those who want their hair look like being blown away by the wind, it can be achieved through the wind machine inside the photo booth hire.
  • The photos from the photo booth hire can be uploaded on social media sites so your friends can see them and enjoy the party virtually.