What Restroom Products You Should Have in Bulk

Soap or hand wash is another necessary thing in a bathroom. You need to buy nice smelling soap or hand wash to keep in the restroom. Usage again depends from employee to employee and buying these in bulk is the only option. While you don’t have to spend a large amount of buying this, you should make sure it does the basic function of cleaning well.

Floor and toilet cleaners

As restrooms are regularly visited by employees, there is a high chance that the floor will get dirty. Dirty floor is not just unhygienic but also affects the sight of the restroom. You need to keep a stock of fresh smelling floor cleaners – and hire a few people for cleaning the room and toilet seat regularly throughout the day. Make sure they smell good.

Air freshener

Along with floor or toilet cleaners, another product important to maintain the freshness in a restroom is air freshener. Always have a nice smelling freshener sprayed in the restroom regularly. This will help keep foul smell away and keep the restroom clean.

Hand tissues

Don’t just focus on buying toilet paper supplies. Hand tissues are equally used and are important in a rest room. If an employee washes his/ her hand, using soap or simply water, he/she will definitely need a tissue to wipe hands. Tissues are used for various other reasons as well. So, even these have to be bought in bulk.

A change of perspective is needed to stop the wastage of toilet paper supplies.