What May Be Causing Blocked Drains

No home is immune from blockage. Even those who are very careful will still experience blockage in their homes but it takes longer time for them to experience blocked drains than those who are not careful at all. This is because all of us use oil for cooking. This is top reason why homes undergo some blockage issues. The reasons below are some of the factors that will cause blockage in your home:

  • The use of cooking oil. This is an ingredient that we cannot live without. Be it butter or margarine or any type of cooking oil, it will eventually lead to blocked drains. The oil clings to the linings of the water pipes. After some time, the water will have a hard time passing through which then leads to blockage. Though you can do some preventive measures such as the use of hot water with baking soda and vinegar to wash off the grease, you can still call a plumber to some plumbing services that will de clog water pipes. This is advisable for the prevention and solution for blocked drains.
  • Dried leaves and barks. These are also factors that lead to blockage. This is especially true during fall or autumn when there is an abundance of dried leaves and barks. The dried leaves and barks fall off and can stay on the roof resulting to blocked drains. If rainy season comes, the rain water will not be able to pass through because of obstruction. The dried leaves and barks which also fall on the garage, yard can block the drains and this can even lead to indoor flooding. So to prevent blocked drains, clean the surroundings every day. You can also call a plumber to check for any signs of broken water pipes brought about by the accumulation of dried leaves and barks.
  • Foreign objects. If you flush used tissue papers and even sanitary pads onto the toilet bowl, this will eventually cause blocked drains. This is why it is advisable to watch out anything you flush so you will not encounter any issues. A plumber can come to your place and clear your toilet of anything that causes blockage.
  • Human hairs. It is best to remove falling hairs from the bath area so as to prevent blocked drains. But if it begins to give you a problem and water drains slowly, then call a North Shore blocked drains to clear all blockage from the bath area.