What Kind of Crockery Do you Need to Stock when Setting up a New Home for the First Time

Crockery is an essential household item without which no home is complete. They are used extensively both for serving and consuming food. Crockery is typically any vessel in which food is served and can be either formal or informal; depending on use. If you are setting up a home for the first time, crockery will be high up on your list of must-buy items.

Categories of Crockery

There are different categories of crockery depending on the material and purpose of use. You must have a basic idea on these so that you can select the right kind of crockery and also build up an enviable crockery collection through the years.

Bone China

This is classic pottery that is well-known for its high gloss and pristine whiteness. Despite the fragile look, bone china is quite sturdy because of which it can be crafted into delicate pieces. Available in different shades, bone china is a cost-effective alternative to porcelain.


Porcelain spells style, tradition and delicate sophistication. Porcelain crockery is extremely popular because of its high translucency, soft looks and beautiful finish. Porcelain is also resistant to heat and chemical influences. However, porcelain can be quite brittle so you must be extra careful while handling your precious porcelain crockery items.


With different colour combinations such as buff, white, red, brown etc, crockery made from earthenware look no less stylish. Glazed earthenware crockery is just perfect for serving both solid food and beverages as it does not absorb any liquid.

You need to have the right catering equipments when you are into food business like hotel or restaurants.

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