What are the Responsibilities of a Fruit Picker?

Fruit picking is one of the most popular temporary occupation chosen by people staying in working hostels in Sydney.

Vegetable and fruit pickers have to work for most part of the day in farms. Farms may be small home owned or large scale sophistically operated enterprises (depends upon your luck). The work will require quite a lot of physical labour as the fruit pickers will have to use hoists, ladders and other mechanical equipment to aid their work. See Wedding Venues

Fruit pickers will have to stoop down to gather fruits and vegetables growing on bushes. Gloves are worn by almost everybody to protect the hands from thorny scratches and bites. Weather conditions may range from hot to pleasant to rainy but work has to continue anyway.

Some farms provide night accommodation but you should check out this before you enroll in a farm. Fruit picking is a seasonal activity so you have to know the correct seasons. Search Optimization

Personal traits required

You have to be hardworking and fond of outdoor work if you want to become a fruit picker. Anybody with skin allergies or sensitive skin should not apply. You should be able to work from heights and be able to brave the occasional burst of bad weather.

When you reach the last step i.e. loading the farm produce unto the transportation trucks you can play either of these two roles. You can drive the forklift from the packing shed to the truck or you can manually help in loading the stuff on the truck.

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