What are the Foods that Can Be Poisonous For Dogs

Holistic vets suggest that onions should never be given to dogs. It can cause haemolyticanaemia. In this condition the red blood cells are destroyed and the dog has shortness of breath. Onion poisoning can occur with evenwith a small amount of onion. The bodily ailment of the dog can improve if further intake of onion is stopped completely.

The symptoms of poisoning can become visible even after a few days. An affected dog suffers from gastroenteritis and vomiting. This is followed by weakness and loss of appetite. The dog’s urine also appears dark coloured.

The red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body. In an affected dog there is a decrease in the count of red blood cells. The sick canine thus experiences shortness of breath. A holistic vet tells us that fever and a faster heart rate should be provided immediate medical attention. Any form of onions can cause poisoning.

Macadamia Nuts

Vets are not sure about the toxic compound present in these nuts. But consuming as little as six nuts can cause fever. Even a small amount of nuts can cause an increase in the heart beat and tremors in the skeletal muscles. Paralysis of the hind legs is not uncommon. The affected dogs have swollen limbs. Till now these nuts have not proved to be fatal.

Peaches, pears, salt are also harmful for dogs. Unclean water must be avoided.

In case of an emergency a vet must be called in immediately. A holistic vet pays more attention to the mental state of the patient. With the aid of proper nutrition and holistic bioenergy techniques a dog can be brought back to health.
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