What Are the Features of a Mobile-Based Website?

A website tailored for use on a smart phone needs to be easy to use, and designed n such a way that the relevant information is visible easily. A web design that requires the user to scroll too much, or uses an obsolete platform like Flash will not work in today’s age when attention spans are so fickle and time is a luxury.

Also, images which take a lot of time to load and slow down the loading speed of the site will not attract any users. Make sure your website has mobile detection in place and recognizes when a mobile device has logged in. This is to ensure that the desktop version of your website is not served instead of the mobile version.

Is a mobile app better than a mobile-optimized site?

Sometimes, an app works better than a site but that is a judgment call that you need to make. An app works best when the brand it is associated with is well known. Since it requires initial downloading, it is a slow process and you can expect only those customers who know about your business to download your app. On the plus side however, an app does make targeting customers easy and makes location targeting better.

The medium you choose to use will depend on the customer base you have and the direction in which you want your brand to grow. However, mobile optimized Web Design is a necessity now that you cannot ignore if you want your brand to survive the cut throat competition of the web.

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