Wedding Photographer – Questions You Should Ask

Top photographers always keep their paperwork intact. There should be a written formal contract listing the price points, hiring and termination details, service details, delivery timeline etc. The contract actually protects both interests (yours and the wedding photographers) so read it carefully. It’s safe to hire a wedding photographer that are transparent about their service terms and don’t shy away from contracts.

What kind of insurance do you have?

Every professional wedding photographer should have adequate insurance to cover possible instrument damage, pilferage, damage to clients’ property and health etc. No insurance means that the photographer is inexperienced and you should not hire him. Look for wedding photographers who provide general insurance, equipment insurance and liability insurance.

How you are booked and how intensive is your workload?

Now this is a tricky question. You don’t want to hire a photographer who is out of work with no projects on hand as this point towards his inefficiency. Neither do you want to hire somebody who is so loaded with work that he/she won’t be able to allocate much personal attention to your wedding. In this case it’s wiser to look for somebody who can devote a chunk of time to your event. If you are hiring a large photography studio then they might have the resources to do two or more projects at once. But a smaller studio will handle multiple projects at the cost of personalised attention and loss of quality.

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