Web Design and Development Process

If you have an online business, it is best that you hire the services of companies that offer web design and development. If you are on a limited budget, you can also find online freelancer who offers such services at a lower cost. Web design and development go hand in hand because web design is the creative side of website creation while web development is the technical side of website creation. In short, after the completion of website design, the web developer will upload the website to the server so search engines like Google can recognize the website and create traffic.

Information gathering

The initial step in web design and development process is the gathering of information about the nature of the business. Web designers will sit down with you and discuss matters such as the type of products and services, the target market, the kind of logo that you prefer, and so on and so forth. This is the stage where the contents that you want visitors to see on your website are planned.

Planning the website

The next step in web design and development is the construction of a site map where the proper placement of texts, graphics, among others is finalized. The site map of a website can be likened to a blueprint where the locations are laid out.

The design

After the planning of a website, the next step in web design and development is the actual design of the website. The site map has already been finalized and it is now time to make the website as artistic and unique as possible. This can be likened to the job of home interior decorators where they will make the place beautiful as possible. The web designer will discuss with the clients the color combination, the type of texts, graphics, among others. The target market is the important consideration as the purpose is to make the website as appealing to them as possible.

Development of website

The next step in web design and development is the technical side which is the job of the web developer. However, some web designers also study the nature of the job of web developers, so they can function as both. The shell or the template of the website is created where the navigation system is constructed. The texts and documents with proper keyword spacing are also converted into HTML so the system can read the website.

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