Visiting Wedding Venues – Tips to Keep in Mind

Wedding venues need time to visit and evaluate. Do not cram visiting six of them in a single weekend just for the sake of getting over with it.

If you are planning for a destination wedding or somewhere far from your locale this may be necessary.

However, if your wedding is going to be held locally, it is better you fix one appointment each day to give time to familiarise yourself with the ambience and plan well. Forcing more number of wedding venue visits per day will give you only a faint picture of what each has to offer.

Time of Visit

To get a better idea of the light and surroundings prevalent at the venue, try to visit it at a time similar to your wedding time. For instance, if the wedding is lined up on a Sunday afternoon; try visiting the venue on a Sunday afternoon to know how the place is at that time of the day in terms of people, traffic, light and activities.

For outdoor wedding, the vegetation and grounds can be checked in advance to plan the d├ęcor accordingly. Also check out the back up plan if the weather may play spoilsport.

Keep Your Questions set Ready

It is always a good idea to keep a set of questions ready. Visiting venues and asking then and there may not work out as you may be astounded by the sights of the wedding venues and forget what you were planning to ask.

Keeping the set of questions ready and noting down the answers at each venue will make it easy for you to plan and arrive at a decision. You can also shoot these questions to your wedding planner who will guide you in finding a solution.

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