Vertical Blinds Are Always The Best Choice

Vertical blinds Canberra offer you versatility and options which is something that we as human beings always enjoy. Window dressings can make or break your home. It can really make the difference between a home that looks neglected and tastelessly decorated or a home that is the picture of elegance, class and all around chic.

Vertical blinds consist of vertical slats which are held together by cords which are used to open and close the blinds or to tilt the slats for light control.

Vertical blinds offer versatility in that they can be custom made to fit your windows, although they do also come in standard sizes if this suits your pocket a little more. These blinds can be made from a variety of different materials and you are sure to find one that suits your home style and decor choices. Wood, plastic and metal as well as fabric is all popular materials used for the manufacture of vertical blinds. Obviously the material will also play a huge role in the price factor.

As with almost anything on the market today, there are positive and negative points which accompany vertical blinds.


Vertical blinds are reasonable priced and possible the best priced option on the market, especially when you want to cover a large window space such as a sliding door.

The versatility of these blinds is amazing. The can be completely opened up to reveal your entire window and allow you a full view of the outside world or the can be completely closed. The movable slats allow you the option to tilt the slats as much or as little as you would like in order to control the amount of sunlight you allow in.

There are however some downsides to these blinds.

Many people have often complained about how noisy these blinds are should the breeze catch them on the way through the window and into your home.

Vertical blinds are probably the blinds that suffer the most frequent damages. They have much more daily physical contact that most other blinds and therefore do tend to damage through wear and tear. Damaged slats can be easily replaced, without replacing the entire blind.

Vertical blinds when opened pile up becomes a stack of vertical slats on top of each other at the side of your window opening. Many people have complained that this can become bulky, especially if it is a large opening, and hinder the view to the outside.

Vertical blinds are functional, versatile, easy to clean and most of all affordable. Whether they are the perfect blinds for your home is completely up to you.