Types of Water Tanks

Water is a natural resource which is increasingly getting scarce across the globe. That is why; more people now prefer to store water in water tanks to avoid inconvenience. The stored water can be used for many purposes. It may used for watering your plants, flushing your toilet, laundry, swimming pool or even drinking. There are various types of water tanks available to fit in your scheme of things.

Concrete Tanks

It is not really necessary to get the water tank installed on top of your roof. You may very well get it installed under ground. Underground water tanks help you save up on space and you need not even compromise with the aesthetics of your house. Concrete water tanks are considered most suitable as underground tanks. They are generally built on the site itself as per the specifications but you can also get it delivered from a licensed tank maker. A load bearing is required to be installed over this 5000 Gal tank for underground usage.

Slimline Tanks

These tanks are metal tanks which are made of galvanized steel, aqua plate, color bond, zincalume or even stainless steel. They are often coated with polyethylene to maintain good water quality and to prevent rusting or corrosion. They are mostly available in standard shapes and sizes. They are easy to transport and can be installed under or above ground surface. If you do not have a large space, then you should opt for a slim line water tank and have it placed on a place of your convenience.