Types of Plantation Shutters

Whether you are building a new home, redecorating or renovating, one of the features of your home that needs to be considered are the windows. The kind of window covering that you will use should not only depend on you taste, or the materials that you want. You should also consider other things like the cost, the location of your home and the practical benefits that the window treatment of your choice can give you. Plantation shutters prove to be the most efficient and most durable since they are made of wood. The question is, how are you going to decide which plantation shutter is best suitable for you and you home.

Arched plantation shutters. If you have those arched windows, then this type of plantation shutter is best for your home. This will help you reduce your electric bill because this type of shutter, since it fits perfectly in your window arch, will keep the sun out during the hot summer months. There are also two kinds of this shutter – the sunburst style and the standard style. The sunburst style has planks around the arch making it look like beaming rays of sun. The standard style is the classic, which goes straight across the arched window.

Window Shutter

Double hung plantation shutters. These are two separate shutters that are assembled on top of one another. The louvers and the shutters are independent from one another, so it allows you control both the upper and the lower portion of the window. If you only want the upper portion of the window open to allow the light to go in, and still want privacy so you have to close the lower portion, you can do it with this kind of shutter.

Exterior plantation shutters. Taken from the word itself, this kind of shutter is installed outside the window. This is the kind of shutter that will allow you to add more color and vibrancy to your home, as they come in different colors and styles. You don’t need to worry about the paint fading as time goes, because you can use heat protective paint in order for them to look always new.

There are more types of plantation shutters available that would definitely suit your home so get in touch for a free quote! However, you also have to keep in mind the practical advantages that the shutters of your choice can give you in the long run.