Types of Escorts That a Professional Agency will Usually Offer

Escort agencies are professional houses that specialise in providing escorts for their clientele. The purpose is usually sexual gratification and romantic companionship in some cases. Generally a prefixed meeting is organised at either the clients’ hotel or a commercial establishment like hotel. In these cases the escorts are said to provide outcall services. On the other hand if the meeting is arranged at the escorts’ residence then it is an in call service. High class escorts, male escorts, Trans gender escorts etc are all available at the clients beck and call.

Holiday companionship

Many businessmen or socially prominent and rich citizens prefer to hire a high class escort when they go on one of their long boring business trips abroad. The escort agency in this case demands a flat fee while the client pays extra to the escort for any other special favours given. The fee which is given to the agency in case of a travel trip is called booking and dispatch fees. The escorts provided for such trips range from male to female and other genders. Usually there are escorts charging very moderate fees to really high end escorts operating at such trips. It’s up to the client’s preferences to choose whatever he/she likes.

Legalities and the hiring process

Since escort services in Australia are fully functional legal entities so clients can easily contact escort agencies. Mostly websites and newspaper advertisements provide information about such services apart from a few specialised magazines. In most cases the client makes a choice from one of the extensive photo galleries of escorts that agencies provide. Escorts of all nationalities, sexes and physical characteristics are found in these galleries.