Types And Purposes Of Container Hire

There are three main types of containers available in Australia namely General purpose container, High cube and Refrigerated. Hiring them is not expensive and it is better to hire than buy one. The three types of containers are majorly used items for shipping among other purposes because of their volatility. Container hire is managed by Australian port and manufactured in Australia. Hiring container hire Australia for a short period of time can be highly effective and cheap for someone running on a low budget. Long term hire services are also available for a long term use of the containers. The containers are designed to hold the content safe and secure during its transportation. The hires in the three types of containers are available for 20 and 40 foot dimensions.

General purpose container hire are made for many uses. They are manufactured from groove and tongue, paired wall aluminum designed to handle the content on transit. Every type of this containers are four way forklift adept and are engineered using the clients input and demands. The container are plastic watertight and are suitable for almost all kinds of cargo. Some standard containers features are; doors at one or both ends, doors at one or both ends and doors over the length of one or both sides and doors at one or both ends with a door in one or both sides. Some can differ in size or dimensions depending on the clients requirements.

A customer can also hire high cube container similar to the general purpose containers in its structure and taller. It has various lashing rings that is capable of holding up to 1000kgs, are attached on the facade top end rail including the bottom cross and corner posts. High cube container hire are used for various purposes and cargo that also general purpose container can handle. Although this type of containers are made for transporting light, huge cargo container and extremely heavy cargo of up to 2.7 m tall.

Refrigerated container hire are available in 20’ and 40’ containers. The two kind of containers in this class are integral unit and porthole containers. Integral unit has an internal refrigeration system for controlling the temperatures. They are designed to meet ISO standard dimensions and when being shipped they are connected to an on board power system. The porthole container is also called an insulated container because it has no refrigeration system. Due to absences of the refrigerator this kind of container has a larger capacity as compared to integral unit. Depending on a customer’s needs they can choose any of the mentioned containers above for higher at a cheaper rate.