Treadmills versus Exercise Bikes

There are many different types of workout equipments and consumers usually find it hard to make the right choice, depending upon their needs and fitness goals. And among all home workout equipment available in the market, treadmills and exercise bikes are the most popular ones.

There is absolutely no doubt that both treadmills and exercise bikes are excellent workout equipments, especially if you are looking forward to burn calories. They are easy to use, too. But the question that lingers on everyone’s mind is: which is the best? Well, everyone is different and everyone’s fitness goals are different, their abilities are different.

Both of these equipments come with their own pros and cons. You should also consider the sustainability, workout efficiency and safety when choosing an exercise equipment.

Exercise Bikes

Compared to treadmills, exercise bikes are considerably new. But over the years, design and technological characteristics have improved. They provide excellent aerobic workout and they are less expensive than treadmills.

They are no different from outdoor bikes and simulate outdoor cycling very effectively. They are simple and comfortable. They do not put too much pressure on your spine. And if you are having some lower-back problems, exercise bikes are made for you.

Just like treadmills, exercise bikes, too, increase your heart rate, but without any stress on your knees, ankle, feet and hips. It strengthens your quadriceps and hamstrings, thereby acting as a means to overcome your lower-back discomfort. They offer resistance and strengthen your lower body with ease.

When you want to indulge yourself on a physical outdoor activity like skateboarding, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is the type skateboard that you will use. Your height is one of the prime consideration when buying a skateboard.