Towing is for Everyone

Transportation since the dawn of man has transformed and improved into something easier to use. From the invention of the wheel, to the chariot, the first car, bikes, to the advanced vehicles like trucks, modern cars, and motorcycles. These have all been to increase movement speed of someone from point A to point B. These all use some sort of mechanism to move. The first wheeled thing was manually pushed, the chariot needed horses, the bikes needed the power of human legs to push the pedals and the modern vehicles today use fuel. Currently, vehicles have been used for all sorts of things. Like how we use them to transport goods or fetch our friends and family. The vehicles we have invented functions the same as our legs, only they do the job faster.


Of course, there are some points that you would need to stop your vehicle, much like how you need to stop to take a break, there is something blocking your path on your way to your destination or you have already reached your destination. In using vehicles, the act of stopping for a while for a long time is called parking. But like other things such as sitting, standing or talking, you cannot stop your vehicle anywhere you want. Since your vehicle would be blocking the road, making it difficult for them to move forward and reach their destination. That is why there are specific places where you are allowed to park called parking lots. These are places specifically to let vehicles park and let their owners enter the building that owns the parking lot. Parking lots may be public, which is owned by the government, or private, which is owned by a single parent company.

Naturally, parking lots have a massive area to let as much vehicles as possible in. But it’s because of this that it has one fatal flaw; it can’t be put anywhere. Logically, one would park their car on the side of the road. Smart move, since it barely obstructs the other vehicles owners that are using the road. However, this cannot be applied all the time. Some roadsides are so small, that if a vehicle parks there, a lane would become a standstill if there are several vehicles. There is a law that forbids people from parking in locations that block the road, and its consequence to anyone who disobeys it, is a modest fee and a towing.

Towing is when an authorized tow truck tows a vehicle for violating parking rules. The authority may be public or private, but it is controlled so that people with no authorization but have tow trucks cannot take advantage of this. The standard towing of a vehicle, like a car or pickup truck, involves the tow truck lowering its hook and connecting it to the bumper of the vehicles. This cannot be applied to motorcycles though; they require a special method of towing. The starting process is the same, except the motorcycle will be tied to a part of a carrier or trailer and lifted by the tow truck to be taken away. This makes sure that everyone is on fair grounds with the law.