Tour Packages in Beautiful Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

A quaint little country tucked away beneath India. A tear drop shaped paradise is what Sri Lanka resembles. Every one needs to take a tour of Sri Lanka to visit the warm loving hospitality the people of this nation have to offer. Breath taking views of emerald hills and crystal clear waters is the perfect combination for a holiday. One must experience at least one of the many choices offered for tour packages in Sri Lanka

Relaxing your back

The best time to visit is during the months of October to February, cool pleasant weather makes a perfect holiday. The fastest and easiest way, is to contact your travel agent or look online as there are a whole lot of options available to take a tour of Sri Lanka

Want to be one with nature?

A visit to Kandy should fulfil this desire. Taking a walk in the thick emerald jungles along side the mighty elephants while the cool breeze hits your face is a memory to remember for a long time. One rarely gets a chance to bathe these gentle giants in the wild.

Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital is a different feel all together. Do make a trip to the famous shopping store Odel, to take back some souvenirs for loved ones back home. Colombo is also very well known for its casinos and gambling centers. Many well known casinos have their layouts set in Colombo. If you got the big bucks to spend and you want to have a good night and if you are feeling lucky, then a visit to the casino is a must. Many tour packages in Sri Lanka offer a visit to the casino as well.

Bentota has some beautiful sandy beaches. Few of them are almost uninhabited, which makes them even beautiful. Calm blue waters, soft sand in your feet, what more does one need? A train ride should also be included in the tour package of Sri Lanka, that gives one a feel of living the local life, as part of tracks run along the coast. There are a few well known dive sites as well that one can explore.

Sri Lanka has wonderful flavors to please the palet. They use a lot of locally grown coconut in most cuisine, which team up really well with spicy food. Some tour packages in Sri Lanka only focus on a spiritual side of Buddhism, as it is the main religion practiced there.

Choosing the best tour package for you is a must. All the latest info on the Sri Lanka day tours is available on the site. Visit it now.