Top Hardwood Flooring Trends

Wooden flooring is high in fashion and more households are having it as their flooring. The look of hardwood flooring along with other key features is of utmost importance.  While authenticity in its look and style is critical, people are also looking at its durability and the cost. There are some trends which are followed by consumers not only in terms of just fashion but to bring a bit of nature into their living space. Hire a professional floor sanders and installers for installation and polishing service of this type of floor.

The trend of using distressed wooden flooring is fast catching up. Their replicates are now used extensively. It was commonly used in olden days and homeowners today are expressing their interest in using this kind of wood which are treated skilfully rather than those which are developed using electronic technology.

Another trend seen in wooden flooring is the usage of wide-width wooden planks at home. Commonly today, the width of these planks is about 2-3 inches wide unlike those used earlier of 5-8 inches width depending on the kind of wood chosen and the species of tree. This change in trend is due to the fact that the trees were more mature when they were cut in earlier days leading to them being thicker.

However, currently most of these olden trees are all gone or are considered to be part of national heritage and cannot be cut. So the trees for wooden flooring cut now are much thinner and the planks are narrower. But the look of 4-5 inch planks is more authentic and beautiful so the manufacturers are now looking at developing wider planks. For this reason, the bamboo flooring is gaining a popularity as an alternative replacement for timber floors.