Tools To Use By Window Cleaners

Window cleaning requires different responsibilities thus it is important that they know everything regarding window cleaning before performing tasks. Window cleaning is one of the services that companies especially businesses almost neglect. Little company owners, establishments know that clean windows attract visitors, passer by and customers. There is nothing soothing and more relaxing than looking at a clear window and seeing good views outside offices of very tired and stressed employees.

Cleaning windows could not be accomplished easily thus there are tools best use to complete the cleaning responsibilities easier and more feasible.


One of the most common to use not just by professional Window cleaners but those who are planning to clean their windows by themselves. Use of ladders will allow you to reach all corners, surfaces and edges of your windows.

There are different types of ladders thus it is best to use ladder sizes that will let your reach high areas of your windows and ladders of your choice should be robust enough to stand even heaviest load.

Supported Scaffoldings

This is what the usual Window cleaners use to work on cleaning high rise building windows. They are made for temporary use. They are work platforms that are being raised for Window cleaners reach higher windows. It is necessary to ensure that professional cleaners could work on cleaning windows at any given height.

Aerial Work Platforms

These are powered machines best used by professional Window cleaners to reach window surface and areas that are not accessible. Machines like scissor lift, spiders, cherry pickers are sample of Aerial Work Platforms. This type of tool or machinery should only be used by Window cleaners that are highly trained. It could be a bit risk to work on these cleaning tools.

Suspended Platform Or Cradle

These types of Window cleaners tool will let them go up and down with the help of a rope, operated either by manual or mechanical means. This will allow either one for boatswain type or more than one for suspended platform. It requires physical strength if it will be worked on manually.

Sunshine Coast window cleaners use different tools to reach heights should be trained well before using them. The risk and danger, that using of the tools may provide is high thus it is necessary that only trained Window cleaners are to perform this type of responsibilities. No untrained people are to use the tools.