Tips on How to Take Care Your Sheepskin Car Seat Cover

Sheepskins seat cover keeps you warm in winters and cool in summers. These elegant and comfortable seat covers are usually very durable. Although the fibre doesn’t allow dust to settle down on its surface but over a period of time, debris gets accumulated on the seat covers. So, if left unnoticed for a long time, they might lose their original shinning. Little care from your side can ensure a long, healthy and shiny life to these car seat sheep skins cover.

Avoid Regular Washing

You can do regular dusting but regular washing might cause serious damage to the leather strips under the seat covers. Dry cleaning is the perfect way to take care of them.

Dry Properly

After washing, let the seat covers dry. Allow it to dry on its own for 3-4 days without using any dryer. Be careful that there should be no direct exposure of sun on your car seat covers, as sun rays might damage the seat covers.

How to remove stains?

Apart from cleaning sheepskins seat covers on regular basis, some unexpected contingencies might leave shabby stains on your seat covers and these stains need to be removed immediately. If your seat covers get stains from spillage of liquids like soya sauce, tea or coffee or any other liquid, you need to take prompt action to remove the stains immediately.

For cleaning spot stains, remove the seat covers and expose them to open air. Remove the stains using a mild wool soap, sponge and warm water. Even if there are no stains, you can hang the seat covers in open air, it will remove the smell from your seat covers, if there is any.