Tips on Hiring new Forklift Drivers

When driving a massive powered industry truck like a forklift, it is imperative that the operator be highly trained and knows the rules and regulations to be followed while using the heavy machinery. Safety, in these cases, is always paramount. Bearing this in mind, hiring a new forklift driver should be a tad easier.

Apart from being a team player who will mingle easily with your existing workforce and be a part of the company, your new hire should be a safe operator first and foremost.

Duties and tasks of a forklift operator

Hiring someone new equates with explaining their role in the company to them. The more explicitly you explain the job requirements, the less the chances of confusion. Before you hire a new forklift operator, he should have a forklift licence and will be able to make sure he is capable and well suited to do the following:

  • Inspect the equipment for wear and tear and point put damages that need fixing
  • Maintain the machinery in top condition
  • Monitor gauges and other instruments perfectly
  • Load and unload items in the forklift with ease
  • Un-stack and load items into shipping vehicles and containers
  • Stack and store items in the warehouse
  • Using the controls on the control panel and manoeuvring the forklift correctly

Skills that your new forklift operator should have

  • When you hire a new forklift operator, make sure he is well trained and has the following skills:
  • Ability to follow safety standards at the workplace
  • Excellent concentration while driving or operating the vehicle
  • Monitoring the machine and pointing out faults that need repair
  • Strong knowledge of health and safety regulations at the workplace