Tips on Choosing Between Printed or Engraved Promotional Pens

Promotional pens have long since been a popular corporate gifts. Small and medium size companies both use different kinds of promotional items to market their new products. They may also use small and usable items to promote their own brand image and reputation in the local market.

You can also opt between two types of promotional pens – engraved and printed. Keep on reading to help you decide on which type of pen suits you.

Your Budget

A lot finally depends on your budget. It is costlier to engrave pens with your company name and slogan. Most marketers prefer to include the company name and slogan or logo when using pens as promotional products.

Engraving these elements will always prove to be costlier than printing it. If you have a limited budget, it might make sense to focus on a better quality or material but stick to printing the content you want instead of engraving it. Check the best yet cost-effective promotional pens here.

Required Quantity

You should also consider the quantity you need before choosing between printing and engraving as options. The more the pens you want to distribute, the more the charges. If you have the budget for it, you can always choose to engrave them all. However, printing larger quantities of pens will always be an easier and more cost effective option.

Availability of time

If you are hard pressed for time and need to send out your promotional gifts as soon as possible, it would make sense to print instead of engrave. Engraving takes more time than printing your marketing message.

You can also opt for a more flexible option and maybe engrave only those pens that are going to key people while printing the others.


A lot depends on the material you choose for your pens. Materials like basic plastic may be more suitable for printing while metal pens can be better for engraving purposes. If you have a higher budget, you can always choose metal based pens because they last longer. However, plastic pens are more suitable for bulk gifting options and are better for daily use.

Your image

You have to decide what image it is that you want to portray with your promotional pens. Metal based pens are classier than simple plastic pens. Finalize your marketing strategy and aim before choosing a particular pen design. Based on this, it will be easier to also decide between the option of printing your marketing content or engraving it.