Tips on Buying the Right Kneeboard

Kneeboards are a kind of surfing board used while the rider is in a kneeling stance. In a surf-crazy country like Australia, you will find many companies providing you with what they deem is the best kneeboard in the market, and no doubt your friends and other surfers you know will be eager to help you out as well. So how does one go about finding the right kneeboard?

Choosing a Kneeboard

The choice of the kneeboard should depend on the kind of kneeboarding you are going to indulge in.

Recreational riders

For recreational purposes, a kneeboard made of rotomold is preferred by many. It is non-expensive and it works well for the once in a while kind of surfing activity. The soft edges of the rotomold board allows good grip and for beginners and learners, this is a good kneeboard to have. The contouring is such that it makes turning easy, and offer good control. The buoyancy helps in keeping the rider afloat even after a spill and is thus safe to use. Some rotomold boards even have fins and this provides even better control and action.

Professional riders

For the pro and competitive riders, a board is needed that offers better control and is more performance oriented. For their purpose a compression molded board that has sharper edges for quicker turns and twists is the perfect style. They are not as buoyant as compared to the rotomolded boards, and this allows the rider to take the board out onto deeper waters and utilize a deep-water start.