Tips in Demolition Planning

List the preventive steps and safety norms to be practiced to prevent a fire from occurring at the demolition site in the fire plan.

Take care to ensure the agency or contractor who will carry out the demolition work is a licensed one and has been accredited.

The nearest fire department can help you in planning or approving your fire plan.

Strictly adhere to the local guidelines and safety norms.

In general, demolition work can be smoothly planned and executed by the respective agencies or contractors and the project team. In some cases where the demolition may pose a serious risk to the nearby public or property, special and a more elaborate plan needs to be devised.

This involves some of the following scenarios:

The building undergoing demolition is in a densely crowded area in terms of buildings.

Parts of the building are of great value and need to be preserved for resale or to be used later.

Partial demolition work needs to be carried out while the other part of the building is still being used.

The property being demolished is of historical significance.

Any mishandling of the building demolition can result in leak of materials which may prove hazardous to the neighbouring regions and public.

The building involves structures which need special demolition techniques as they do not heed to normal methods. For instance a post tensioned concrete structure or a building with an existing structural damage.

In the above situations, agencies offering demolition services plan and choose a method most appropriate for the demolition work to be carried out efficiently.

Keep these points in mind while planning for the next building demolition and you are sure to get it done in the best way possible.

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