Tips For Traveling To Sri Lanka

After a 29 year-long civil war, Sri Lanka has opened up to tourists. Since the island is now peaceful, tour packages Sri Lanka has become very popular, as many tourists want to see the island that has been locked off for so long. Sri Lanka has a unique mix of a heritage as a British colony, locals that are very friendly and landscapes that are breath taking. This makes the tour packages Sri Lanka a great option to see all that the island has to offer. There are still new tour packages Sri Lanka being created every year since the island has only been open to outside visitors for the last 7 years. With more tour packages Sri Lanka being available, it is easier and more affordable to visit Sri Lanka. Here are some tips to help you enjoy your visit to Sri Lanka.

Be Ready to Go Slow

While the infrastructure is improving and more transportation is becoming plentiful, getting around this modestly sized Island nation can feel trying at times. It is full of tightly winding roads, and inclines that test your engines. Sri Lanka’s Hill Country is one the most time eaters, no matter if you are taking a bus, train or tuk tuk. You should expect to inch from tea plantation to tea plantation at about 12 to 15 miles per hour. If you can, you should take a seaplane, or hire a car and driver to be able to see the island in a shorter time period.


Colombo, once was considered just the gateway city of Sri Lanka. Colombo is now filled with boutique stores, jazz clubs, internationally acclaimed restaurants and rooftop bars. While there are a number of sights that you should see, Colombo is a great place to settle in and see what the local life is like on Sri Lanka.

The Most For Your Money

By many western standards, Sri Lanka is still a cheap destination. However, with more travelers heading to island, the prices are rising quickly. If you are planning to buy everyday items like tea, head to the supermarkets in most big cities, there you can be sure that you are paying the same as locals would. If you are going to smaller cities, or smaller shops, make sure to check the packaging since in most places the price is printed on the box. It will be in ‘R’ which is short hand for rupees. Like many other tourist areas, it is not uncommon to be charged more, due to the fact that you are a tourist.