Tips for Sitting at a Computer at Office

Did you know that how you sit in your office chair will affect not only your posture but also your health? Office ergonomics is the science of keeping the office furniture and other sensibilities in a way that the health of the employees is not affected. Ergonomics is a science that dictates the correct postures that should be adopted while working at office.

The correct way to sit in your chair

While sitting on a chair in front of your computer you should push back your hips into the chair till the maximum possible distance. The height of the seat should be adjusted properly to ensure that your feet are flat on the floor. The back of the chair should be set at an obtuse angle of 100 degree to 110 degree.

The lower and the upper portion of the back should be fully supported; you can use small pillows/cushions to extend support. The armrests should be properly fitted so that the shoulders are completely relaxed. Remove the armrests from your chair if they are causing trouble.

Take short breaks

Even if your office ergonomics is perfect you will still suffer from a sore back if you do not take short breaks at intervals. Every half an hour in front of the computer calls for a mini 2 minute break. Make sure that you don’t subject your body to improper blood circulation due to long static postures. The key to comfortable existence in the office is to keep moving frequently.

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