Tips for Saving on Air Conditioning Energy Bills

In a country like Australia where the climate is so hot, air conditioning installation is a must. But while an air conditioning unit makes your home a little more bearable to live in, it can also hike up your electricity bills if not careful. Air conditioning units do draw a lot of power so it would not do to have a huge one installed in a small house and then pay through your nose just for a little comfort. Here are some easy ways you can keep an eye on your air conditioning unit and save up on your bills.

Program the thermostat wisely

Make sure you air conditioning unit has a functional thermostat that works perfectly ad then use your brains a wee bit before setting it. Remember that the amount of cooling required in the house depends on the difference between the outside and the inside temperatures so on a hot night if you attempt to cool your house down to the temperature of an igloo, you will be using a lot more power than if you were to just set it at a slightly higher but comfortable temperature. A one degree difference in temperature settings can mean saving up on ten percent power usage.

Leave the unit on high during the day

If no one is home during the day then you can leave the thermostat on high setting or just completely switched off. This will save on a lot of power and your low electricity bills will be the reward for your prudence.