Tips for First Time Exhibitors to Make Your Booth Stand Out

So, you have decided to promote your product by joining trade shows. But how do you ensure that your booth at the exhibition out shines everyone else? The golden rule surely applies – that if you have a product worth noticing, people will flock to you. But there are also some other tips and tricks you can use to make sure your customers remember your company long after the show.  Like using an artistic yet informative trade show display stands.

Bring your manners

Do not underestimate the power of politeness and courtesy. In a world where companies and brands want to grab your attention at every given second, basic good manners have taken a back seat.

If you want your booth to be special, then get your best trained staff on the case and teach them to be polite to the customers. A buyer would want to come back to a place where he feels valued and respected, than a place where he is being hounded for his wallet.

Erect a booth that is right for your brand

It does not need to be fancy, but even a cozy corner stall with the right look and feel can attract crowds. The booth should embody the ethos of the company, and reflect what you stand for. Try a test run before the D-Day so you know the layout of the booth by heart. If possible, get a U-shaped booth without any barriers which will allow your customers to roam about and explore and imbibe the feel of the company.  Design your booth that that will best promote your product. For example, if your product is solar electricity system, then see to it that you will be able to show to your customers on how this works and it’s advantages to them.

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