Tips for Enhancing the Sound of Your Home Theatre System

Home theatre is a great way of  entertainment. When you decided to buy one. After doing a research for this and bought a home theatre of your choice, the next step is to set it up in a way that you can get the best performance out of it. Setting up the home theatre system is not as simple as connecting the components.

Navigate the menus

Every good speaker has a set up menu. If you just browse through the menu, you can get a much better quality of sound than you are getting at the moment.

You can select the size of the speaker for the right, left, front, and back speakers separately. If you are confused which speaker you have, a good rule to follow is to select large for woofers which are 6-inches or bigger.

Some receivers ask for the speaker to listener distance too. Here again the golden rule is 1 metre equals 3 milliseconds. Finally you have to check that all the speakers at the same level. You can then adjust the volume for each channel.

Sound Level Meter

You could invest in a sound level meter which is not very expensive and will tailor the sound of your system.

Speaker placement

It is important to strategically place the speakers so that you get the best sound effect. The right and left speakers should be at equal distance from the listening post. Angling both speakers towards the middle will give better centre sound. Front speakers should be placed close to the ear level.  Home Cinema install Brisbane technicians are available to to help you with this. They can also give you ideas on how to properly setup your home theatre.