Tips for Cleaning Wooden Floors

When a house is renovated or designed, it is not only essential to include a floor on the flooring structure, but also to maintain it from time to time, such that it looks beautiful for a prolonged period. There is a humongous type of flooring materials available like ceramic tiles, marbles, stones, wood, terrazzo, and other chemical floor coatings. Like other materials, wooden floors too demand a high level of maintenance.


It is applied smoothly with the help of a brush. The first coat acts like a sealer penetrating into the wood and after application of the first coat, it requires to be smoothened with the help of a sandpaper, dusted thoroughly and then the top coating can be enforced. This mechanism is employed to beautify the outlook of the floor.

You should always use varnishes of named brands and ensure that it is solvable and not water based. Along with this, floor sanding should be conducted from time to time to conserve the finish for a protracted duration. You can instead hire a professional floor sanders’ service to do it for you.

Condition of the Mop

Before using a mop, you must ensure that it is rinsed well to assure that the mop is in a damp condition. This cleans the dirt layer residing on the floor accomplishing quick drying of the floor.

Shape of the Mop

A flat mop can prove to be beneficial for pushing large grits, removing dirt efficiently without even causing a scratch to the floor. This can be visualized as a floor duster which is proven for good for sweeping.