Tips for Choosing Bamboo Flooring

Do you want absolutely classic flooring? Then the environment-friendly bamboo floor installation would be preferable to you. Bamboo flooring not only makes your home looks beautiful, it also provides natural look which is very refreshing and relaxing too. Bamboo flooring is one of the high-demanding projects which are going on in all over the world to decorate the housing complexes, as well as small and big houses. Before choosing bamboo flooring you should know the points which are important to check. Here below the tips are demonstrated properly to help you for choosing best bamboo flooring service.

Types of Bamboo Floor

Make sure which types of bamboo floor you want. There are two different types of bamboo flooring is available nowadays. You can go for the traditional bamboo flooring or strand woven bamboo flooring. As per your requirement, you can get solid flooring or engineered bamboo flooring.

Environment-Friendly Manufacturing

When it comes to bamboo floor installation you should check whether the bamboo floor is formaldehyde-free or not. The floor also should be free of gassing adhesive. Check the submittal criteria of LEED if the assignment is going through the certification.

Look At the Warranty

Check out the warranty period while you are going to purchase bamboo flooring for your house. Get a bamboo flooring product which comes with a residential warranty for 25 years, commercial ending warranties for 10 years and also comes with a structural warranty for 30 years.

Check the Situation

Do you want bamboo flooring for your home or you want it to décor your office? Keep in mind the traffic, the condition of the weather and the installation grade. You should purchase high quality based bamboo flooring for the extra humid zones.

Floor Hardness

Check the hardness of bamboo flooring which is measured by the Janka Hardness Scale. Bamboo floor installation is always best option for all the others flooring. According to Janka Hardness Scale bamboo flooring rates over 2300 whereas the Oak and Maple flooring rate 1360 and 1490 respectively.

Types of Flooring

There are two different types of bamboo flooring is available in the market. You can go f or the nail-down flooring or floating flooring according to the requirements. You can also go for the combined flooring project which is best for the radiant heating, as well as concrete flooring.

Look For Matching Accessories

While you are choosing bamboo floor installation make sure that the accessories would also be similar to the flooring. Try to get the bamboo base shoe, baseboard, flooring vents and stairs. Matching accessories make your home décor more interesting and stylish.

Look At the Budget

Bamboo flooring is highly cost-effective which you can easily avail for your entire house. The flooring is an available online market, as well as the local market at an affordable price. So, you can easily décor the floors with bamboo flooring.

So, after checking these criteria you should move forward to buy bamboo flooring. Consider all the points carefully and décor the interior with bamboo flooring and give a classy stylish look to your rooms.