Tips for Choosing Awnings

Awnings are window coverings that are specially designed for outdoor use. They’re resistant to water and corrosion, making them durable against extreme weather. If you’re thinking of adding a unit to your windows, here are a few things to consider.

Home Awnings

What type do you need?

There are four basic awning types. These are:

  • Stationary – This type of window covering cannot be moved. Once installed, it cannot be moved or adjusted in any way. This is a good option for individuals who live in areas with strong winds, rain or snow. Stationary models are very sturdy.
  • Portable – This type of awning is built with legs. Unlike other varieties, you don’t need a wall to install these units. Because they are freestanding, they can easily be transported. You can use them on pools, picnic tables and other outdoor entertaining areas. Foldable varieties can be used in outdoor trips.
  • Retractable – Retractable varieties are the most popular, as they provide the user with more customisation options. Some models can be rolled up into an overhead compartment, eschewing the use of poles underneath. Fold-up variants have support beams underneath, making them sturdier against the wind.
  • Motorised – Newer awning models come with motors that automatically close and adjust the shade. Electric mechanisms allow you to control the window covering using a remote. Others come equipped with sensors that change the canopy automatically during sunny or rainy weather.

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What materials do you want?

Canvas is a popular choice when it comes to these window treatments. The fabric is treated with chemicals to add durability and weather resistant properties. Because they are highly flexible, they are perfect for retractable window treatments. Canvas is inexpensive too. This makes it easy to replace if the fabric gets damaged.

Metal is another choice for those who want something stronger. This material is significantly heavier than canvas. Aluminium is most commonly used as it’s more lightweight than other varieties like steel or copper. Metal provides more shade than canvas and other fabrics as it’s extremely opaque. However, it’s more expensive, which is why it’s not commonly used in residential areas.