Tips About Horse Riding For Beginners

There are a lot of times when we want something so much yet we hesitate because we feel that we can’t do it or we are afraid we might get hurt especially if the said activity is quite risky like horse riding. Well, everybody knows that this is such a dangerous activity being you will be dealing with a live animal. This is different when you are riding with a machine where you have the full control. Here, even if you have done everything you are tipped about if the horse is not feeling well, mist likely it will really throw you off. This is why, you also need to be familiar with horses like you should be able to tell if the horse is okay or not. Yes, horse riding might be fun but this is undeniably a risky activity thus you should always be extra careful if you are trying to learn the skill.

For those who are still considered as beginners in horse riding, here are some good tips:

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– First of all, you have to develop a rapport with the horse. When walking towards it, don’t directly approach it but instead, work in an arc manner and you should first extend your hand for them to smell or get familiar with you. One thing though, do not make eye contact and as much as possible, approach the horse from the front or where it can see you so as not to surprise it. The bottom line here is to pet the horse first or make it comfortable with your presence.

– If you are having a hard time mounting a horse, it could be because you think that the horse will throw you away. Basically, horses are trained to accept riders but you should mount from the left side. And when doing that, try to distribute your weight by pushing down on the horse’s opposite shoulder. This way, you will not just be hanging on one side. If the horse will try to move, that is fine and you should let it be. Instead, you can try to control its movement.

– You need to be realty comfortable when doing horse riding for you to be able to enjoy and be free from feeling insecure or maybe wobbly on top of the horse. According to the expert, for you to successfully ride a horse, you should be in a proper posture.

– If the horse won’t stop even when you are already pulling the reins, this really happens at times as the reins might not be enough for the horse to understand that you want it to stop. So, you can try shouting “whoa” at it then pull the reins and for sure the horse will stop now.  Want to learn more about this activity? Buy some good horse riding instruction books!

Becoming a pro in horse riding will not happen overnight since as what is mentioned above, you are dealing with a live animal here. It has its own mind and own mannerisms. You have to understand the horse as well to successfully control it.