Things You Should Avoid When Selling Your Home

Potential home buyers are a picky lot. They look for near perfect homes with features that fit their needs. Since property is an expensive investment, home buyers are allowed to be picky and take their time. However, this is what sellers need to comprehend so that they can accordingly portray their homes as the best available one. Other mistakes that could ruin a potential sale include:

Not preparing and sprucing up the house

Once you choose to sell your house, it is important to portray a good home. Keep in mind that any potential buyer will have several homes to choose from. Should he find yours to be badly maintained, it might not inspire him to choose yours.

Preparing the home for sale can include simple measures like giving it a paint job, fixing broken and cracked walls, repairing minor structural damages and the sort. By doing so, home buyers will be more attracted to your property and will be keener on investing in it.

If you do not have the finances to spruce up the house, you can always borrow some money from friends or relatives and pay them back as soon as you manage to sell the property. Check

Taking the location for granted

Another common mistake sellers make is to take the location of their property for granted. This is especially true of cases wherein property owners own prime property in key locations. By feeling that your property will sell itself because it lies in a prominent area, you are affecting the true worth of the property. As a seller, the onus is on you to ensure the property fetches the amount it should as per market standards.

Not enough marketing

Expert property estate agents will tell you that your property needs a good amount of marketing from your end too, to sell. As the owner, you need to market it in local brokerage magazines or real estate papers.


It is very important to know and understand your suburb. Potential buyers will look at a number of properties in the neighbouring suburbs and start comparing. So if you know the strong points of your suburbs, you can easily use them to your advantage.

You can submerge the weak points by highlighting the advantages of living in your suburb. If the potential buyer has children and if your suburb has a nice walkway and a park nearby, you can impress them by highlighting them. Further, Estate agents come in handy while striking a deal. That’s what they are for, anyway, right?

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