Things to Keep in Mind when Making a Corporate Video for Marketing Purposes

Corporate videos are great ways of projecting the positive aspects of brands and making a strong impact on the minds of the audience. A good corporate video is one which is aligned with the specific objectives of the brand. The corporate video doesn’t have to be expensive or extensive; it just has to succeed in getting the brand message across to the target audience.

What do industry statistics say?

In the year 2013 the total number of videos watched online has seen an increase of more than 8 times in the past 6 years. In fact research done by Cisco says that the total number of online video users will double up to 1.5 billion by the year 2016. These statistics obviously demonstrate the importance of getting a good corporate video produced and marketed through the right channels. In fact online videos account for more than 40% of business promotion material posted online. When the competition is this fierce you have to rack your brains to come up with a video which is truly original and effective.

Choose the agency well

Look at samples of videos. Experts recommend hiring a professional corporate video production agency for doing most of the work for your videos. The quality and skill of the video artists and photographers will reflect directly in the important marketing tool i.e. the video. In fact you should ask the agency guys to show you some real time production videos and not some sickle wheels. If you really like what you are seeing and feel confident about the agency’s abilities then don’t think twice before hiring those guys.